Our Vision

Every decent organization that I know of has had a set of  goals or vision to adhere to in its application and growth. I will try  to lay out ours here.¬ Its probably way to much for the two of us to  handle but then again; its not supposed to end when we end.

Why do I think this is necessary?  Simple question deserves a simple answer.  I belonged to a Fil-Am group in the United States.¬ It  was a meeting place that I joined in with to allow my Filipina wife have interactions with things that are more familiar to her thereby being  more comfortable.¬ That is it.¬ I know that the very same thing will work  in Roxas.¬ That is, the american ( other) husbands now will have the more familiar face to face chats in english with the more comfortable  environ.¬ Also this will probably continue to add to the Filipina wives  as their counterparts.¬ Many woman married to foreign men and having a  basis of needs and concerns to address will be enabled with the fil-am  community so close at hand.¬ If you are off in a place that has no mixed  marriage ,whom does your wife ask when those problems arise?

The vision of our organization is hopefully good enough for others to join in and take up the task of that which we start here with this website.¬ But it does not end with just this website either.¬ Ok;  allow me to be long winded if¬ you please.

Two Kano is the beginning of an environment for people of  like mind to be able to join together as much or as little as they so  choose but that it improves their quality of life.¬ This web site is to  try to convey what is here today for you to avail yourself of. And its  also to start the building blocks of what it could become. The total  scope is too large for this web site alone. This sites sole purpose is  that we hopefully give you enough to want to join us or indeed know that you don‚€™t wish to.¬ There will be a few other web sites that will work  hand in hand with this one. So it goes something like this

Two Kano.Org: www.2kano.orgLooking for alternatives that represent great value? Ok enough said about this  for now

The Forum: The Philippines, Retirement & PleasureNeeds its on space and will grow to be the interactive  arm of this vision while 2Kano is passive. This forum is active and can  be reached by clicking here.

 The New Forum, now in  beta, been in production for 5 years. Yes Im old and slow <haha>

Salo-Salo.Org:¬ This will be the mixing pot for those that join in the Fil-Am community that grows here in the Roxas‚€™ area.¬ Including expats, their wives and  families and existing community members that wish to join in and offer  services.¬ A place to share both good bad and indifferent views of all  things local for the betterment of this community we share. This can be  seen now by clicking  here.

Pearls of Pinoy: What? No Wife or girlfriend but you think you might like this life if  there was someone to share it with? Ok, then we are going to try to help you with that as well.¬ This will be the meeting space for local ladies  to let our guys know just what they are looking for in a man. And of  course visa-versa.

Ok now that we have  placed ourselves in the light we know people are ready to shoot at  us.¬ Fine.. but when you copy us we already know we are heading in the  right direction!

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