Of course, as you can see, this web site ( labor of love that it is! ) Is not our only interest here.  Yes there is much information already provided here for your digestion. We do have products and services that are not free.  We are here to help you thru a decision making process.  A move to the other side of the world can be mind boggling to many to say the least!  But if its only a completely relaxing vacation time with many services you most likely can not find ( or afford if you can) elsewhere that too we can provide.  We mentioned elsewhere inexpensive professional help to name but one. 

To that we add the ability to collect data and even explore the Province that we have chosen to be ours.  Also we are very glad to say we can give those that come here custom ordered day trips and help schedule itineraries and services that will fit your budget and insure your pleasure while time spent .  Also we have now developed an alliance with a private resort to make it available to you, our clients, with a complete array of customized services just for you.

  Please complete our inquiry form that we might serve you and provide customized information of our offerings.


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