What are you going to be giving up at retirement?  Can you have a better life where the cost of living is not spiraling out of control? Do you think you will like a house helper even though the thought is not an affordable luxury item?

We think you should know more about some of the choices you have for your retirement even if you are on a low level pension.  Get to know more of the facts so you can make an informed decision that might be the biggest you ever made for your future happiness and stability. 

We can provide answers, specific answers to specific questions about this area we are living in. Roxas City and its environs,the Provence of Capiz on an island named Iloilo in the central part of the Philippines; Visayas. Get the speciifc and timely answers to all the following issues and more.

  • How To Get Here
  • Every Day Living Expenses
  • Transportation & Commuting
  • Entertainment
  • Society & Culture
  • Local Folklore
  • Holidays & Religious Observances
  • Hospitals, Doctors & Medical Assistance
  • Restaurants, Eateries & Roadside Snak Shaks
  • Shopping & Marketing
  • Real Estate - Rent, Buy or Build?
  • Tourist Hot Spots
  • Schools & Education
  • And More




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