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We are just two guys from the USA that have decided that the best decision for us; considering our pasts’ and financial circumstances; would fare far better living our retirement years here in the Philippines, compaired to facing the ever rising high costs of everthing in the USA.  In the near future we will take the time to share, in a general way, what our circumstances were and are today. But one thing is for sure, weighing all the pluses and few minuses of the move here, we know we had made no mistake.  If you are considering such a move please avail yourself of some knowledge gleened by us and save yourself the time, expense, and possible grief.

The sub directories below this one are more pointed informations about 2Kano.

Contact: How to get in touch with us.

Testimonials:  Some of the letters we recieved. We will post good or bad review.

About Our Area:  More information about the part of the Philippines we call home and also some more services we offer.

Why? : Ok, just a amusing email that circulates and we thought we  would share it


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