Custom Needs Inquiry

Sorry but as you might have noticed that we have rushed up this web site with some things not completed to our liking. This also qualifies I’m afraid as we don’t have the Database or forms handler all squared away as yet either so please bare with us

IF you dont mind would you please send an email to and supply the following infomation.

  • ** YOUR Full Name
  • ** EMAIL
  • ** mailing address
  • phone number including area code
  • number of persons in your party ( most are only one -but we could reserve all 6 units in our Private Cove in Capiz.)
  • any special needs  ( health related etc. )
  • what you like ! ( scuba, sightseeing, festivals, etc )
  • what did I forget?..tell me that too !

( inquiry WITHOUT the first 3 items supplied will be deleted and ignored)

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