Here is a list of observed Holidays and events in chronological order for Roxas, Capiz, Philippines. For a much more detailed listing with pictures and even videos of these items please consider one of more of our products provided elsewhere on this website - Thank You

Jan. 1 - New Years Day

Feb. 14 - Valentine’s Day

Varies - Ash Wednesday ( Mid Feb ~ Early Mar )

Feb 22 - EDSA Revolution ( Peoples’ Power Day )

Varies - Holy Thursday ( Mid March ~ Early April )

Varies - Good Friday ( Mid March ~ Early April )

Varies - Easter Sunday  ( Mid March ~ Mid April )

April 9 - Araw ng Kagitingan ( The Cry of Balintawak )

May 1 - Labor Day

Jun 12 - Independence Day

Jul 4 - Philippine-American Friendship Day

Aug 31 - National Heros’ Day (varies -last Sunday of August )

Sept 21 - National Thanksgiving Day

Varies - Ramadan ( observed for the Muslem population date declared by President )

Nov 1 - All Saints’ Day

Nov 2 - All Souls’ Day

Nov 30 - Bonifacio Day

Dec 4-8 - Sinadya sa Halaran

Dec 24 - Christmas Eve

Dec 25 - Christmas Day

Dec 30 - Rizals’ Day

Dec 31 - New Year’s Eve

Special Note : Personal Birthdays are a BIG DEAL to a Filipino(a). If you know of one don’t  forget to observe it in some special way


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