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 Kano is a term loosely used here in the Philippines to mean ‘american’ but has been used to refer to anyone that is white skinned.  You can also become very easily used to hearing the greeting “ Hi Joe...” throughout the islands.

We have been terribly slow at updating this website and to those that have come here looking for a resource we apologize.  In the last 18 months my wife and I have made the move to the Philippines and now reside in Roxas City. Our trial place for living in the Philippines.  There has been good times and very frustrating times but never boring.

In 2005 when I first thought of doing all of this I believed I had a partner but I was mistaken.  But it has allowed me to recognize my partner in life as my newly Americanized wife to let me keep my name as 2 Kano. So my partner is, and always was my wife.  Please have patience as I relearn the software and design a new updated look for the website.

So we will  welcome who ever you might be, or how ever you might have stumbled upon us.  If you are new please feel free to, at anytime, ask questions that might come to you. For those returning and wish to know more about the environs we have learning to love possibly you might like to start on the Roxas Pages. If you are getting close to vacationing time or wish to come to join us for a time to secure your thoughts about retiring here you might want to start at the Capiz Bay pages. But to all, for what ever reasons you might have, again we welcome you and welcome any suggestions that you might have that possibly make this a better resource for you. - Ed & Melody.


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